Smoking Linked to Shorter Disease-free Survival in Stage III Colon Cancer

Light a cigaretteOne more reason to toss the cigarettes: According to an analysis from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, patients with Stage III colon cancer who ever smoked had a significantly shorter disease-free survival compared with never-smokers. This increase in risk was particularly apparent for those whose tumors had a particular subtype of colon cancer (so-called BRAF wild-type or KRAS mutant).

My take: This report adds to a small number looking at the effects of smoking on colon cancer outcomes. We need more research to confirm and better understand the association between smoking and survival outcomes among those with colon cancer, especially by cancer subtype. Still, the research presented is quite suggestive of a link between colon cancer outcomes and smoking cigarettes. And so the usual advice: If you smoke, stop. If you don’t, don’t start. And if you quit, congratulations. I’m Dr. Michael Hunter.

The small print: The material presented herein is informational only, and is not designed to provide specific guidance for an individual. Please check with a valued health care provider with any questions or concerns. As for me, I am a Harvard- , Yale- and UPenn-educated radiation oncologist, and I practice in the Seattle, WA (USA) area. I feel genuinely privileged to be able to share with you. If you enjoyed today’s offering, please consider clicking the follow button at the bottom of this page. Thanks!

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