Prostate Cancer: Do Cruciferous Vegetables Reduce Risk?

Chinese radish cruciferous vegetables

The CaPSURE study followed 1560 men with prostate cancer for 2 years. Men who consumed a high amount of cruciferous vegetables after diagnosis had a lower risk of having their cancer return. A second study provides confirmation of a potential link between cruciferous vegetable consumption and risk: Men who consumed the most of these foods had a 40 percent lower risk of cancers that spread beyond the prostate. More specifically, those who had one serving of broccoli or cauliflower each week had roughly half the risk of men who consumed less than one serving per month.

Whence Comes the Protection? Cruciferous vegetables contains substances known as insoles and thiocyanates. In a test tube, these substances inhibit the growth of prostate cancer cells. Still, we need more data among men.

Can You Provide Examples of Cruciferous Vegetables?  Cauliflowercabbagecressbok choy, Chinese cabbagebroccoli, kale, collard greens and similar green leaf vegetables, radish, daikon, and wasabi are just some examples.

I’m Dr. Michael Hunter.

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References: Int J Cancer 131:201, 2012; J Natl Cancer Inst 99:1200, 1007.

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